Bargain Bin: X-Men Volume 4

Once I shied away from superhero titles, but now I’m on a quest to stretch my comic book budget further… (for a summary of that journey see this post.)

The Acquisition

4 issues at 50 cents each in one trip to a comic book store. In comic book math I spent $2 for books that would have cost $16. The issues range from 4 to 18 so there is are some significant gaps.

My Familiarity With the Title

The more I read the Marvel X titles the less I understand. I was more familiar with Brian Wood the writer. I’ve found his historical fiction to be incredible (see recent bargain bin post for reviewing Black Road) , but was disappointed with his creator owned super hero series called Mara. The art on it was great, but the plot just … ugh.

In any case, some writers do great with their own characters while others do their best work on a company character.

I felt comfortable giving this a try for $2.

How were the Issues?

Decent. It’s an all woman team up and they weren’t in your face about it. It felt natural. The art was good, but I got the impression that this was drawn to appeal more to men than women.

I mostly understood the plot to each issue (someone is attacking! or we need to save people!). However, I didn’t understand the plot that connected the issues together, and 3 out of the 4 issues had a synopsis. That 4th one really had me confused.

Good superhero comics are great at getting the reader up to speed quickly. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t get there.

I wouldn’t object to buying more, but I’m not likely to pay more than $1/per issue.

Will I read it to my children?

It is rated teen plus, but I’d be ok with them reading the issues before 13 if they are eager to read an all female team up comic.




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