Bargain Bin: Avengers Volume 5

Once I shied away from superhero titles, but now I’m on a quest to stretch my comic book budget further… (for a summary of that journey see this post.)

The Acquisition

In total there were 5 issues acquired in about 3 different purchases. The 4 of the issues range range from #3-7, with only 5 missing. The other one is issues 35. 4 of the issues came in as part of a purchase of a lot. One was purchased through a 50 cent bin at a local comic shop.

I paid around 50 cents for each, so only out $2.50 for these titles. Using comic book math I couldn’t even buy a regular issue for that. If I was lucky I might be able to buy a promotional comic or two that sell for $1 a piece.

My Familiarity With the Title

It’s the Avengers, I’ve been reading more of these titles recently. Some thing like 40 issues from the 80s. Plus some of The New Avengers issues that I loved were written by John Hickman who wrote all 5 issues of the Avengers covered by this review.

Did I mention I really enjoyed the New Avengers? This is by the same writer. It should work out.

How were the Issues?

It did not work out. With the New Avengers it was like reading them for the first time. With volume 5 of The Avengers, it was like I didn’t know who these characters were any more.

How was the plot? I’m glad you asked, because I was unable to figure out the plot for any of the 5 issues. Maybe that’s on me. Maybe I should have read more than 40 issues before reading even one volume 5 issue.

Bottom line. These issues aren’t good bargain bin material. None of the issues provided adequate background for new readers like myself to enjoy. Plus the roster looks like it is over 20 characters! Not every issue has all 20, but each issue covers multiple threads with a large cast in each. It’s hard to follow, and for me it was impossible to know what the plot was.

I don’t mind plots that are elusive, as long as that is the intent of the writer. This didn’t have that vibe. It felt like I wore a costume to an exclusive party that turned out not to be a costume party and was hosted by someone who didn’t invite me… but somehow received an invitation. Ya. I think that sums it up well enough.

I’m guessing that these are enjoyed by long-term fans (or people with a subscription to Marvel Unlimited).

I probably won’t be picking up any more of these on purpose. The ones I do have will find there way onto eBay.

Will I read it to my children?

Maybe they could explain it to me?

Favorite Panels

None. But I did like the cover to Issue 7 (the featured image for this post).


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