Bargain Bin: X-Men Legacy

Once I shied away from superhero titles, but now I’m on a quest to stretch my comic book budget further… (for a summary of that journey see this post.)

The Acquisition

I purchased 2 issues from the 50 cent bin of a comic book store about 2 years ago. More recently I acquired several more, mostly through the 50 cent bin of the same comic book store. At least one was part of a small lot I won via an online auctions.

I have not been actively seeking out these issues, but they usually meet a couple of criterea for my bargain hunting. Mainly that there is more than one issue I can get at a time.

At the moment, I have 8 issues ranging from 1 to 17.

My Familiarity With the Title

I thought I was familiar with X-Men until I read this series.

How were the Issues?

When I read them the first time I was pretty confused, and took some satisfaction that I only spent $1 instead $8 – $10 on these issues if they were knew.

Then I read The Spire, which was a non Marvel self contained limited series Si Spurrier did with Boom. I became familiar with his story telling and began to really enjoy it.

When I more recently acquired 6 additional issues I reread everything and thought it was great.

Not entirely sure why this is a series that has “X-Men” in the title. Well I do. It means it will sell. But the series primarily focuses on Legion (Charles Xavier’s son) and not a team. In order to enjoy the series I had to get past the lack of a team.

Will I read it to my children?

Probably not, but not because there is anything inappropriate in them that comes to mind. Si Spurrier’s plots are multi-faceted and that can be confusing for adults. But kids are smart maybe they would enjoy it?




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