Bargain Bin: Avengers (1980’s)

Once I shied away from superhero titles, but now I’m on a quest to stretch my comic book budget further… (for a summary of that journey see this post.)

The Acquisition

These were purchased in 2 primary waves on Ebay. The first was 3 auctions of 4 issues each, ranging from #308 to #340 from the same seller. Most sellers will combine shipping, but this one did not advertise it. I contacted the seller, who said they would combine the shipping cost, but did not say by how much. Ideally, combined shipping will lower the unit cost. Unfortunately, there was not much of a difference for that seller. The plus side, is that he used so much bubble wrap, I’ll be able to reuse it when I sell online. In any case, the lesson learned here is that I should have asked for some figures for the combined shipping. When it came down to it, I only paid about $1 an issue for the first wave.

The second one was a single auction of 21 books that ranged from #225 – 271 and paid about 75 cents for each.

All together I paid about $27 for 33 issues. Current comic book prices are about $4 an issues, which means that same $27 could have gotten me 6 – maybe 7 new issues if some of them were priced at $3.

Overall this feels like a good acquisition.

My Familiarity With the Title

I’ve watched the movies and seen some cartoons. But no real familiarity with the stories portrayed in the comic books.

How were the Issues?

I enjoyed the earlier issues a lot more than the later ones. That could be because there were more of them and the gaps between them were not as large. I enjoyed seeing the Wasp run Avengers and thought it was interesting how at least once Captain America stepped back to let her run things her way. It was not the only time that a character in the series demonstrated a mindset that was socially ahead of its time.

It is not perfect though. I rolled my eyes a few times. The most memorable panel is when Captain America to She-Hulk to hold his shield. It served no purpose in the plot and irritated me.

All in all it was good enough for me to buy one issue from my local comic book shop for $2 an issue. And I’ll probably get a few more.

Will I read it to my children?

I offered to, but they weren’t interested.

Favorite Panels

At some point in my bargain reading I started taking pictures of panels that I thought I could sneak into a Facebook comment or two and look totally hip.

I have previously not disclosed what drove me to do this, but now is the best time to reveal the mystery that has been hanging over this section for a while now (ok like 2 posts). It was 2 different panels from 2 different issues written by the same person. Each was closeup of the speaker and the brief monologue was perfect for the story line, but also stood apart from the story. I immediately thought, “that could be a meme.” BTW, ‘meme’ wasn’t a word or even a concept in the 1980’s, when ‘going viral’ did not have a positive meaning. To me it was no coincidence that these two panels in two issues were written by the same person… Larry Hama.

Once I started looking for panels it was a little easier, but I don’t think any (so far) have approached the level of the two above. Here are the rest:

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