Bargain Bin: Uncanny X-Force

Once I shied away from superhero titles, but now I’m on a quest to stretch my comic book budget further… (for a summary of that journey see this post.)

The Acquisition

I acquired 7 issues from a 50 cent bin at a local comic book shop over two separate trips. The issues range from 2 – 10. So I have fragments of about 3 different story arcs.

My Familiarity With the Title

I had zero experience with X-Force and my only familiarity with Marvel’s X line was through X-Men. Primarily the 90’s cartoon and the first 3 movies.

A friend of mine is a big Marvel fan and I mentioned that I had picked up the titles. He explained that X-Force was like the special ops of the X-Men. Or maybe it was dark ops. I can’t remember.

How were the Issues?

At times they were cool. And then there was the issue that featured a love triangle between Psi-Locke and 3 different versions of the character Fantomex. It seemed like it was an attempt to represent a poly-amorous relationship, but if that was the case I don’t think it was all that successful.

Frequently artists change in a series and sometimes the results can be jarring. That happened at least once in this series.

Will I read it to my children?

No. At best it had subplots that were confusing for adults.




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