One Two Review: Snow Blind

One Two Review is a series that reviews the first two installments of a comic book as one whole.

Snow Blind is a 4 issue crime/mystery written by Ollie Masters with art by Tyler Jenkins and published by Boom Studios.

Why I Picked this Title

Aside from super heros, comic books produce a couple other genres. My experience (which is minimal) is that Horror and Crime are the two other genres that are regularly published. But since they are almost never published by Marvel or DC, they aren’t nearly as accessible. Especially Crime. There maybe a handful of titles a year that are published by the smaller companies.

So I feel pretty compelled to pick up a crime story when one comes out.

What Others Thought

Most of the reviews I’ve read have been positive. I can’t recall a single negative review. More importantly, both issues have received reviews from sites that normally focus on super heros.

What I Thought

I mixed feelings about the first issue’s story, or set up. After reading the second issue it becomes clear that this is one story told in four installments. Not 4 stories that when read together becomes 5. That works for me. For these types of titles, I benefit from rereading the previous installments before reading the current one.

The pace is good, the characters are never in one place for too long. And the dialogue doesn’t dominate over the art. These are two very important elements for any comic book, but seem particularly hard to pull off in a crime story.

One thing I noticed was that there was a polar bear on the cover and in the story the news in the background covers a wild animal that viewers are advised not to approach. But we never see the animal. Is the wild animal the wolf or fox we saw in the first issue? Or is it the polar bear on the cover? It’s a clever device, and I hope it leads somewhere.

The art by Tyler Jenkins is a healthy stylistic departure from the familiar comic book art. What I find interesting is that the characters are always easily identifiable, which is challenging for a non-super hero book (that’s why super hero’s have distinctive costumes).

So with two down and the story building, picking up the second half of the installment is a no brainer. If you haven’t started the series, it may be worth waiting for the TPB.

Would I read it to my kids?

No. The violence feels a little too real for an 8 & 5 year old. But it’s not overly dominate. When they start showing interest in crime dramas they might enjoy it, but then at that age I probably won’t be reading to them.


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