A Rebirth at DC


Yesterday some important people at DC Comics posted a simple image that suggests something big is happening. I have no inside scoop and but here are my random speculations and questions.

  1. A renumbering of titles. That would make sense if a publishing company is going to have a ‘Rebirth’.
  2. An attempt at tighter continuity or maintain the current loose continuity?
    1. The previous tighter continuity of the New52 required Batman to have 6 Robins in like 3 years (or something almost as ridiculous). It also complicated the Batman Eternal storyline when Batgirl’s character was redesigned.
    2. The post convergence continuity is a lot looser. The Wonder Woman in the Comic has a different costume than the one in the Justice League. It allowed for titles like Bizarro, which was a hilarious departure from the grim and gritty universe is at stake (but not really… because reboot!) of the DC Universe. The looser continuity also allows for titles like Dark Knight III, which has been a huge boost to DC.
    3. My own opinion is that DC’s continuity has been disrupted and beyond repair for decades. I like to current focus on trying to write better stories and worrying about continuity later.
  3. More Digital First Comics?
    1. I have no proof but this seems like an unmitigated success. DC chops up a story line into thirds and then does a print run. It’s a good way of proving that the title has enough demand to sell through the more expensive channel.
  4. Price hike?
    1. While I’ve tried to steer away from super-hero titles in my reading. The prices of DC (usually the lowest) keep me in. The ads aren’t any more distracting than the ones in Marvel’s books. But I’m much more likely to pick up an ongoing DC title than an ongoing Marvel, based on price alone.
  5. Weeklies? or Bi-Weeklies?
    1. I read an internet rumor that DC was going to start printing some titles twice a month, but in the past couple years DC has produced some titles weekly. (Batman Eternal being a rather important one for me).
  6. ?
    1. Will DC follow Marvel’s lead and include vouchers for digital versions of the purchased book? In part to justify a price hike?
  7. Tying in or Aligning with TV and Movies?
    1. Very few of the characters that are on TV are remotely close to their characters that have books… assuming they have books. There are a few inbetween stories told in comics of the TV shows, but they aren’t even alluded to a little bit in the shows.
  8. What’s going to happen to the titles I’m reading?
    1. Black Canary… ok I actually was planning on stopping after the first arc, but the end of the first arc was inconclusive. They have a great set up now for what could turn into a long run. If they align the character to what’s on tv… it will end before it even started.
    2. Gotham Academy… The series has had a strong start, but has had to deal with the typical tie ins that disrupt the momentum. It could have a nice long run. But it feels incredibly fragile.
  9. Will titles ship on time?
    1. This has been a problem since DC’s move to LA.

That’s all I can think of for now… What else am I missing (or got wrong)?



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