One Two Review: Saga Vol 1 & 2

One Two Review is a series that reviews the first two installments (in this case trade paper backs) as one whole.

It seems the praise for Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and art by Fiona Staples is inescapable. It makes all sort of lists for greatest comics of all time. It seems the reviews scream that everyone should be reading this series all the time day and night, because it’s Saga people haven’t you heard!

A Dose of Reality

Everyone should not read Saga. It is for level 9 comic book fanatics and definitely not for new comers to the medium. Much the way The Dark Night Returns and The Watchmen, two other highly praised series, are not for casual readers of the medium.

At this point, I am probably a level 6. I was able to enjoy parts of it, admire some of the writing. But overall I walked away from the title thinking how incredibly weird it was. Volume 2 does a much better job of bringing order to the weirdness.

Weird and absurd storytelling isn’t bad. In fact, I kind of like it. Maybe it’s the fact that the comics make are a more visual medium of storytelling that made me not as excited about this title. Probably not, because most of the absurd stories I have enjoyed are movies.

It comes down to execution.

Again, this is a comic book for comic book fans.


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