One Two Review: Americatown


One Two Review looks back at the first two issues of a series and reviews them as a whole. (more details).

Like most of my reviews, this one is about 70% complete. I’m hitting publish now, because if I don’t it will wind up sitting in my drafts folder long after its expiration date.

I’ll be honest, the story fell apart for me in the second installment. At first, I thought it was because I didn’t re-read the first issue (I try to re-read the previous issue before reading a current one). So I paged through issue one and nope, I didn’t find anything that would have made issue 2 feel more cohesive.

Also, absent in issue 2 for me were those moments where I would go back a few panels to see if there were any visual cues to set up the current panel I was on. This contrasts with the first issue, which had a lot of those moments and each time I made a small discovery.

As most second issues do, it introduces new characters, possibly too many for a second issue. It also tries to flush out some of the key characters from the last issue. This comes at the expense of building on the main character (a man who had been smuggled into the country and barely escaped a government raid on a safe house).

This is not to say that the entire mini-series won’t be enjoyable or spectacular, just that the first two issues don’t stand as one whole (which is an imaginary standard I have set).


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