Sidepost: Moving from Digital to Print Comics

Sidepost is a series of slightly off topic posts to this comic book & storytelling blog.

Somewhere a Marketing Director has earned her or his wings. Over the past year I have moved almost completely away from digital comic books on Comixology and Amazon Kindle to actual comic books printed on paper in real life. Here are some of the reasons I switched:

  1. Two page spreads. These render terribly on my tablet and my tablet is fairly large. I think it might have been after the 4th issue of Gotham Academy that I just couldn’t take it any more. The art was so captivating and I just couldn’t fully enjoy it on my tablet. Not only did I commit to purchasing new titles in print, I went onto ebay and ordered back issues of the series.
  2. Resale Value. Not talking earning a return on investment here or even a store of value. Just resale, however small. I’ve always been in the habit of trying to buy used books (novels, nonfiction etc…) before buying new. For me part of buying used is selling a handful of what I have from time to time. The offers are never a lot, but I essentially treat it as a discount. I plan on extending this practice to my comic book collection.
  3. Batman Eternal. This was a weekly title and it got me interested in reading a title every Wednesday. Not only that, but I’d read the reviews online to see what other people were saying. I know this is probably atypical, since it seems the conventional wisdom is that a cross-over event should be what sucks readers in, but for me it was a weekly. And I’d take a weekly any day over a mega-crossover event. It’s also worth noting that there were a lot of two page spreads in Batman Eternal and after completing the series I was bummed that I had spent all that money on something that couldn’t retain its value. (See #2)
  4. Breaking up the Work Week. Buying print copies offers me an an excuse to get out of the office for an hour every Wednesday during my lunch break. This ritual may seem insignificant, but it has actually become an important part of my week. I look forward to Wednesday afternoon as much as I look forward to Saturday morning.
  5. Local Comic Book Shop. The people working the store do a great job of fostering community and making newcomers feel welcome.

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