Sidepost: What’s good for Disney

Continuing from a previous sidepost, This post continues down the rabbit hole of the Marvel Comic book universe.

Some fans divide themselves into Marvel and DC. To me it seems more like Marvel and not Marvel.

It has been rumored for a while that DC has been not hitting revenue targets (which is different from losing money). More noticeably DC has been losing market share, while Marvel apparently is not. This suggests to me that people who read DC titles also read titles from other publishers, while Marvel fans stick to Marvel. I may even guess that those non DC titles might not be super-hero titles.

I’m not speculating on DC’s downfall, but I will mention that it doesn’t appear that Marvel’s fan is growing.

In my previous post, I shared my struggles of trying to enjoy Marvel’s Spider Gwen, a title that was supposed to be accessible for new readers (which apparently meant never having read a Marvel comic book but completely understanding the Marvel comic book universe).

I left that series thinking that in order to love Marvel, you must first love Marvel.

The question I ask is this: Will Disney execs let this perpetual barrier to new readers continue?

I imagine their interest is to sell Marvel products to Disney’s loyal fan base (customers). And use Marvel to expand Disney’s fan base. This second piece is a lot harder to implement. I don’t think anyone views Marvel as a gateway to Disney.

Maybe this is the reason behind the non-reboot renumbering. (Wild speculation follows) Maybe Disney gave marching order to make the comic books more accessible to new readers (Disney fans), but Marvel pushed back and said it would be at the expense of losing loyal (Marvel) fans. Disney, of course, didn’t care. Marvel exists for Disney now. Not the other way around. Nothing personal. It’s just business.

(speculation continues) So Marvel’s trying to convince Disney it’s making them more accessible by resetting the numbering and introducing origins that may or may not be understandable to new readers. But at the same time Marvel is holding the line and saying it is not a reboot.

(speculation continues and grows wilder) If it doesn’t go well Marvel will blame the orders that came from Disney, and Disney’s response will be it’s your fault, this new guy will solve it. Sorry, but you’ve been replaced.

I’m sure I’m projecting a lot of drama onto this scenario.


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