Review: Double Indemnity

double indemnity

Back to reviewing another book!

Continuing on the crime theme from Pop. 1280 & the insurance theme in Indemnity Only, I picked up Double Indemnity from my library. This one was just over 100 pages and I burned through it in a day. Easily keeping track of the story when I needed to help my children with something important (like swashbuckling).

I wish there were more books like this, both in terms of length and craft. In my opinion, every writer should be using elements from this story.

Like most great stories, it starts with an interesting premise (or hook), but then as the story advances a larger and more complex plot is revealed. Which at it’s conclusion leads back to the original premise.

Every detail that was mentioned either advanced the plot or was referenced later in a situation that advanced the plot. I was also awed by how logically the plot twisted, but how I never saw any of the the twists coming.

There’s no point in me rambling on and on about how good this book is, even if it effortlessly became one my all time favorites. The only thing worth saying about it is that more people should be enjoy this title (including you).


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