One Two Review: Dark Corridor

One Two Review looks back at the first two issues of a series and reviews them as a whole. (more details).

Like most of my reviews, this one is about 70% complete. I’m hitting publish now, because if I don’t it will wind up sitting in my drafts folder long after its expiration date.

The first issue of Dark Corridor won an upset over issue #1 of the Shadow in a 1 vs 1 review. How does the series hold up after 2 issues? My answer is: better than most, by a long shot.

The Numbers

Each issue so far has had 2 stories. Based on their titles alone, it would seem that only the

  • Issue #1
    • The Red Circle: Part One: Animal Control.
    • 7 Deadly Daughters: Greatest Hits Volume One: Marie Castella
  • Issue #2
    • The Red Circle: Part Two: Carter’s Misfortune
    • 7 Deadly Daughters: Greatest Hits Volume Two: Nicole Breccia

Technically that’s 4 stories in 4 issues, but I count more. The two stories in Issue #1 thread together so there’s 1 more. Plus another: Carter’s misfortune refers to events that happened in both of issue #1’s stories. And one more because the Nicole Breccia story in issue #2 ties into the Animal Control story in Issue #1.

So that’s 3 additional, making it 7. And since all the stories are tied together I’d count that as 1 more. Bringing the total to 8.

No doubt some will say that I’m stretching things a bit, but for me it feels that after 2 issues I’ve read about 8 different stories and the brilliant part is that it didn’t feel dense.

I’m completely sure my counting totally conforms to Cantor’s Set Theory.

The Suspense

Neither issue leaves us with a cliff hanger, but I am waiting for issue 3 with just as much anticipation.

The Genre

The crime genre isn’t for everyone, but for anyone interested in it this is a great read.

The Art Style

I wasn’t distracted as much by the art style in the second issue as I was when I read the first issue. In fact, the second issue drew me more into this world than I had expected. Plus, the style makes each person in the growing cast easily recognizable. Which is always a benefit to the reader.

What I’m looking forward to

I’ve been recently introduced to the principle of “Chekhov’s Gun”, which in summary states

“If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don’t put it there.” – From Gurlyand’s Reminiscences of A. P. Chekhov, in Teatr i iskusstvo 1904, No. 28, 11 July, p. 521.

I hope Rich Tommaso, adheres to this principle, because there are so many guns in the first two issues. Combined with this stockpile and Tomasso’s brilliantly executed action sequence in the Nicole Breccia story (2nd story of issue #2) it will hopefully be something amazing to look forward to.

Side note: I don’t use the word brilliant very often and when I do it is deliberate. The action sequence I referred to is reason enough to buy issue #2. Most action sequences I have read are a page, maybe 2. The one in Nicol Breccia is 6 pages! (and that’s without the wacky counting I was using before).

Other Thoughts

On the second read of issue two I found Carter’s spending pattern humorous. Going from overly practical to overly excessive. In one frame, alcohol is harmlessly introduced and in subsequent frames the night just gets progressively wilder from there.

But Carter doesn’t act drunk. It clearly impacts his decision making, but not his coordination or his mental faculties. Although he passes out at one point, so maybe he is prone to blacking out when he drinks. It’s not specifically called out in the art, but it seems to fit.

However, in at least 2 cases the absence of alcohol is when he makes his worst & most violent decisions.

Final Thoughts

For fans of the crime genre the first two issues of Dark Corridor are executed beautifully as one whole. Looking forward to seeing if the next few issues can keep up!


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