So Unfair

Normally I write about comic books, but today I’m covering something completely different: The slang of my almost 5 year old.

I was watching him play recently and noticed he kept saying the word “unfair”, and he consistently used it in the most unlikely of situations. At first I thought he didn’t know what the word meant, but recent memory tells me that he reliably (and dramatically) tells us when he thinks something is unfair.

So he knows what the word means, but why was he using it wrong? What was the new definition?

And then it dawned on me. “Unfair” is the new “cool”.

Is this a real thing? Are other people over the age of 5 saying this? (Please tell me in the comments)

If not, I admit I’m more than a little impressed with this guy. I couldn’t think of a better replacement for the “cool” than “unfair”, because there is nothing fair about being cool.


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