One Two Review: The Spire


One Two Review looks back at the first two issues of a series and reviews them as a whole. (more details).

Like most of my reviews, this one is about 70% complete. I’m hitting publish now, because if I don’t it will wind up sitting in my drafts folder long after its expiration date.

The Story

The Spire is a mini-series that defies the laws of storytelling and comes out ahead. On paper it seems like the story takes on too much for it to work. It doesn’t make sense to me how the creative team has been able to keep this story from collapsing under the weight of their ideas. It’s like they are cramming in 10 seasons of random Star Trek episodes from any series plus the movie about the whales into 8 comic books.

But they pull it off, defying all odds and making me very very jealous.

The Spire is procedural drama centered on a heroine who (and this is just off the top of my head)…

  • is being pushed aside because of old grudges.
  • She’s also in a secret romance with another woman
  • She’s “sculpted”. It’s kind of like being a mutant in the Marvel universe, but more complicated. Technically, she is a Medusi, and the only Medusi in the very crowded Spire.
  • Is a trusted adviser to some members in the royal family, but an enemy to others (see the first bullet point)
  • Is wanted by the Medusi
  • Loves bacon (just like me!)

Clearly there’s a lot going on with the heroine, but even more is going on within the Spire. The Baron has died and there are strict formalities which need to be adhered to between all parties. There are warring factions outside of the Spire, which is interesting because the air outside is toxic. The relationships between the Spire and the outside world are complicated, and the relationships within the socioeconomic classes of the Spire are more so.

Oh and something creepy is murdering characters and doing something to their eyeballs.

In short, we have a complex character who lives in an even more complex world.

The Art

If only the above had been described to me, I would have thought that the style of art that would be required to make this work would be more realistic in order to make it easier for readers to understand. But the artistic style used is much more imaginative and it totally works. Especially in the crowded areas in the Spire.

With two issues in I only know a little about the plot, but somehow these two books are captivating. If you like adventure in fantasy worlds, as well as police drama in fantasy worlds, then pickup this title.

The Spire is written by Simon Spurrier with art by Jeff Stokely and is published by Boom Studios.

Til next time…. Proud Stands the Spire!


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