Review: Roche Limit


Note: Young baby is up late screaming and I’d like to get this posted. My thoughts probably aren’t all that clear, but that’s pretty much the norm.

My last post rambled on about how every ice cream shop, no matter how large their offering is, must always have vanilla.

Well Roche Limit by Michael Moreci & Vic Malhotra is no where close to vanilla ice cream. It is a full and exquisite meal.

It is on par with my favorite novels, most of which are collections of serialized short stories.The really great serial writers had a way of ending each wild episode with a satisfying conclusion, but left enough unresolved for the reader to look forward to the next installment of the adventure. When published together as a novel, the conclusion of each installment is a clear point in the story where the reader benefits from putting the book down to absorb the last sequence of events.

It is an art that does not seem to be present (or possibly discouraged) in many of today’s story telling mediums.

Since Roche Limit seems to mirror this approach, I think this is one of those rare series that reads better as individual issues than it does in a trade paper back.

Reading the story as a trade makes it is so tempting to read the whole story in an evening and miss the break points.

Roche Limit is also the first comic book where I wanted to underline text in the book. I was surprised the first time I considered it, but I was stunned by how many times I wanted to grab a pen throughout the series.

My last post also joked about reading something in ten minutes that would take a lifetime to appreciate. I was not thinking of Roche Limit when I wrote that sentiment, but this is something that I will read over and over again.

The next volume for Roche Limit is out as well. Can’t wait to pick it up.

Will I Read it to my Children?

Na. Too much philosophy.


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