1 vs 1: Indestructible Stingray vs Wolf

Indestructible Stingray vs Wolf

1 vs 1: is a contest of #1 issues. The rules are simple, since I make them up as I go along. So far the winner is the one that winds up on my pull list.

Winner: Indestructible: Stingray

This pairing needs some explanation. I wish I had a better one to offer you than the one you’ll read.

To start, I was excited about Wolf. I had read (or came to the conclusion from reading) that Wolf was a Supernatural Apocalyptic Crime Noir story. And the first issue was super-sized too. I’ve been on a crime noir kick recently and also have been reading some supernatural sci-fi titles as well.  This was the book I picked first, and had favored to win.

But there were no other #1 issues that I knew off the top of my head that I was interested in. I contemplated buying Blacklist but was reluctant because I’ve never watched the show. When licensed comics are done right readers can enjoy the story without all the history from another medium, while at the same time enhancing the story for readers who were familiar with the story from its original medium. But licensed comics aren’t always done right. Too many are depend on the reader already knowing the characters and circumstances. Which can be confusing, if the story has been rebooted in its original medium. (Not that this applies to Blacklist. I’m just passively aggressively rambling.).

While I was weighing all this in my mind I walked around the comic book shop my eyes caught Stingray, a title published by IDW that I was unfamiliar with. IDW comic books have a special place in my household. Every member of our family reads a title from IDW. The company is well known for it’s licensed properties, but has a few originals as well like Onyx (which was in a three way tie in an earlier 1 vs 1).

I’m secretly hoping that IDW produces something mind blowing that is a company original. And that I’ll be able to start with issue #1. So with that sentiment Blacklist didn’t stand much of a chance.

Just to make it a little more convincing, Stingray’s main character is a female lead. It seems like every writer (comic book or otherwise) is trying to crack the code for an action/adventure story focused on a heroine. Some of the stuff produced is awesome, some of it is half hearted. But I enjoy reading these titles, just to see how writers are approaching these stories.

In anycase, I later learned the reason Stingray wasn’t currently on my radar was probably because it was released in May.

Now onto the reading. I found Stingray a little interesting and was impressed with the plot twist, but it wasn’t the mind blowing story that I’m patiently waiting for.

Wolf on the otherhand… I didn’t understand. I’m not one for writing detailed negative reviews, for several reasons. But three main things stuck out for me:

  • There was a lot of dialogue that seemed to go nowhere. I’m sure issue #1 will make sense and be masterful after reading about 10 issues and then rereading #1.
  • The background’s in the panels were frequently bland.
  • After feeling comfortable with the world the writer and artist have built, it abruptly changes. Again, I’m sure this is by design, but personally I don’t enjoy the effect.

I don’t mind not understanding a plot early on. In many cases I prefer it. Unfortunately, Wolf had so many angles of the story that I felt I should be understanding, but wasn’t.

So this week’s winner was Stingray.

It turns out Stingray‘s title is actually Indestructible: Stingray. And that “Indestructible” prefix is actually a series of 10 issues that started in 2013. On top of that Stingray #1 was the last issue published. No idea if others are going to follow.

So while it wins in this 1 vs 1, it isn’t getting added to my pull list.


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