1 vs 1: 1872 vs Transference


1872 vs Transference

1 vs 1: is a contest of #1 issues. The rules are simple, since I make them up as I go along. So far the winner is the one that winds up on my pull list.

This post explores the battle between Black Mask’s Transference and Marvel’s 1872.

Winner: Transference

Honestly, this was a tough call and I was afraid that it would be another tie like last week. But both my wife and pocket book have limits when it comes to purchasing comic books. And I really don’t want to test the limits of either. So I made myself pick one that wouldn’t be added to the pull list (so hard to use the word ‘loser’ in this context because both were good issues).

Transference offered a coherent but challenging time travel story. The plot wasn’t completely inaccessible, and at the end I was interested in the plot as I understood it. That made it worth a second read, which was more enjoyable than the first.

I don’t mind not understanding a plot, when that is the intent. It gets frustrating when I am supposed to understand something, but don’t.

The main drawback to this issue was there were a lot static panels with conversational dialogue. Nothing is really changing except for the (imaginary) camera’s point of view. This is something I struggle with in my own comic book writing. All of which is unpublished… and largely incomplete. Nonetheless, since it is where I need to improve it is something I constantly look for.

The primary reason that 1872 wasn’t a winner is that it re-used characters. I get it. The practice sells more copies than if the characters were unique to the series, and Marvel is in business to boost sales. It just felt that the story could have been better with unique characters or even C list characters.

With all series I read, I consider the second issue to be more important than the first. If the second issue isn’t enjoyable then I probably won’t finish the entire series.

Did you read either of these titles? Tell the internet. Leave a comment.



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