1 vs 1

These last few weeks my newly purchased comic books have been doing battle in a competition I’m calling 1 vs 1. The premise is simple. I purchase 2 #1 issues and pick which one is the winner (which gets the #2 purchased).

As with everything in this blog, it is subject to the demands of my schedule. So basically, there is a concept of a loose framework and no rules.

Here is what happened in the past couple weeks:

  • Week 1: Bizarro (DC) vs Bat-mite (DC)
    • Winner: Bizarro
  • Week 2: Dr. Fate (DC) vs Black Canary (DC)
    • Winner Black Canary
  • Week 3: Mulan: Revelations (Dark Horse) vs literally no other comic books
    • Winner: no other comic books
    • I am now taking a break from buying any comic book based on an advanced review
  • Week 4: We Stand Guard (Image) vs The Spire (Boom) vs Onyx (IDW)
    • Winner: Three way tie

It’s been a fun little thing and I might have a chance of keeping up on. And occasionally I might have time to elaborate on the reasons why one or two books won.



2 thoughts on “1 vs 1

  1. Omg, I LOVE this 1 vs 1 idea! Argh, wish I thought of it, so much fun! I didn’t read everything you did, though I’ve been super behind,.. not long ago, I’d buy and read a lot more, and probably would’ve read the same books. I still haven’t read those other books yet.

    I definitely agree with week 2 though. I loved Black Canary #1. Didn’t think I would, which is why I only just read it last week,.. but can’t wait for more. And Dr. Fate,.. not so much,.. but I’ll give it another issue atleast!

    • Thanks for the love. 1 vs 1 was originally a plan to limit my spending (so that way I wouldn’t purchase 2 full series), but people seem genuinely interested in the idea so I’m trying to keep it up.

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