Review: Feathers #2


I think I find first issues so exciting because everything is a discovery and it is easy to become fascinated with a new world. Second and third issues seem to be a more challenging art form to master. Many readers will characterize these issues as ‘filler’ where nothing really happens. I suspect it maybe because the first issue focused too much on the wow factor of introducing something new and not enough on the plot. So the second issue has to make up for it, which leads to long expositions and essentially nothing happening.

That doesn’t appear to be the case with the second installment of Feathers, which was solid. Here is what I liked

  • It has a stand alone adventure. Some readers don’t like episodic stories, but personally I do.
  • It provides some insight into the events that transpired in the first issue. But still leaves some mystery.
  • At the end of the issue there is a mystery that our heroes need to solve.
  • And it ends with a cliff hanger. I would call it one, but I can see why others wouldn’t. Its not life or death, but it is something readers will expect to be resolved right away in the next issue.

We learn more about one of the guides from Bianca. These are the gods of the city and the maze, and likely were the narrators in the first part of the previous issue. A few things struck me as I read the panels about the white guide.

  1. Bianca doesn’t mention the second guide. Is she aware there are two? (or am I misremembering?)
  2. The City and the maze are settlements from the ‘Travellers’, but Bianca doesn’t know where they came from. ‘They just are’
  3. Poe doesn’t seem to understand that the Guide is a deity. Present but unseen. From his exchange with Bianca it seems that he wants to visit the White City in order to find the guide.

Absent from this issue was the character in the red scarf, although there is a strong suspicion that the character in the red scarf is committing horrible crimes to some of the most vulnerable residents in the Maze.

We also learn that we should avoid the sewer because anyone who goes in never comes out again. But that doesn’t frighten Bianca. I have a feeling the story will take us into sewers.

I also liked how the writer (Jorge Corona) set up Poe’s father noticing him leaving for the day in issue #1 and then bringing him back in at the end of #2.

Also, as I speculated last time, there was no mention or explanation for how Bianca was able to follow Poe so quickly in issue #1.

But this issue has me inclined to feed my curiosity with more wild speculation (always a good thing), based on this brief exchange:


Are we talking Frog people?… Maybe they live in the inescapable yet somewhat fascinating sewers? (Well Bianca finds them fascinating.) If the city’s guide has feathers and resembles a bird, does the maze’s guide resemble a frog?

I’m trying not to go overboard on the speculation because this is such a brief and potentially insignificant moment, that my questions will likely go unanswered.

Will I read it to my kids?

Yes. But judging from how they’ve been treating their own books recently, I don’t know how I’m going to pull off reading it to them without my own copies being damaged in some way. I don’t consider myself a collector, and I’m really happy that they love their comic books so much… But I’d like these things to last more than a few weeks. Especially the good ones.


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