Review: Angry Birds/Transformers

Few things have captivated our household the Angry Birds/Transformers has. Ever since the day I mentioned the title my children were fascinated. That was a few months before issue #1, and oldest (age 7) asked at least twice a week if the title had come out yet.

Angry Birds/Transformers


And then one day, it did. My children had previously been obsessed with another (less mind boggling) Transformers cross-over.

To date there have been 3 issues and each has been more treasured in our house than the previous. Just the other day our 4 year old brought one of the issues into our basement entertainment room to read because he enjoyed it more than television. Television people (and to him that means Netflix). The 4 year old has spoken.

I honestly don’t know what type of magic the writers and artists have conjured to produce this comic book, but so far it is the only comic that my wife has audibly laughed at while I was reading it to the boys (I totally caught her listening to us when she was pretending not to).

One final note on the last issue. On the ride home from the comic book store, my 7 year old asked if we could hold off reading it for a week or two. I was caught off guard and a little bummed that he had potentially lost interest. I asked if he wanted to take the title off our pull list. His response was priceless. No. He still wanted to keep it, but he just didn’t want to wait an entire month between reading issues.

WOW! (BTW he could only hold out 3 days).

Will I Read it to my Children?

The essential question asked in all of my reviews. Asked and answered, whether I have read it to them already or not. Yes, I will read it to them. Yes, I will read it to them again. And I will probably wind up buying a copy of the trade paperback for them also.



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