Review: The New Avengers / Transformers


Not too long ago I started reading Transformer comic books. (To learn why read this post).

IDW offers great hard cover volumes for new readers like myself. Most of the stories are grim and violent… well maybe not violent by Cybertronian standards. In any case, I let my children page through the books but I generally don’t read the stories to them.

The exception was in Volume 2 where there is a cross over with “The New Avengers”. My oldest who was about 6 at the time loved it. Loved it so much that if I wanted to read from the Volume I had to ask him where it was.

Which is cool. I’m glad he’s excited about the story. This was the type of excitement I was hoping he would find in books. Plus it is a blast reading it to him. But 6 year olds are not gentle with their toys… or anything belonging to their parents. So I gave him a trade paperback copy of the series of his own. Again, he was captivated by it.

A quick check on Goodreads for the reviews shows that it was not well received having an average rating of 2.62 stars. So I guess my boys and I are the rare ones that really enjoy this little adventure.

I’m speculating that the low rating has more to do that this was an “All Ages” book and not for the teenagers grown adults who are regular readers of both series.

Will I read it to my Children?

Every one of my reviews concludes with this section, and I don’t see a reason to skip this one just because I’ve already read it to them. Yes I’ll continue to read this to them. But right now they are on a break from it. Their interest has been replaced by another all ages Transformers Crossover.


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