Comic Books and Bitcoins

There is no sugarcoating how strange the pairing of comic books and bitcoins sounds to me. Regardless, my growing interest in comic books lead me to take a more serious look at bitcoin and other digital currencies.

I didn’t read a comic book about bitcoins (although I would if one existed) and I didn’t use bitcoin to buy a comic book.

I was contemplating using Fiverr to hire an artist for a recent script I completed for a 5 page comic book. I noticed that one of Fiverr’s payment options is bitcoin.

And this is where using bitcoin seemed attractive because I wouldn’t have to deal with the paypal transaction fees.

Although that would mean having to deal with whatever obstacles bitcoin has. So I started my research and needless to say I’m not done yet. Through the process I discovered Dogecoins seemed far less intense than bitcoin. Mainly because they currently trade at about 1/50 of a cent and they’re also easier to obtain than bitcoins since the Dogecoin community encourages tipping.

If you have some Dogecoins and are feeling generous, you can feed the issue47 tip jar:




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