Script: After The Wedding

The last comic book script I posted received more traffic than my normal posts. I’ll see if lightening strikes twice and post another script for a 5 page comic [pdf]. This was entered into a contest with the theme “And Afterwards”.

Let me know what you think in the comments.



Where are the Batman Eternal Updates?

This is my corner of the Internet where I freely and openly do not follow through on much of anything. This includes updating my ongoing list of notes for Batman Eternal. There is a lot going on in the series and for a while I made it a point to update my notes with each issue.

I’m still reading, but just don’t have the time to update the list each week, plus the unfolding of the plot is a little slower than the first few issues.

That said, I feel like I need to post some sort of update since I voiced some disappointment in my post for Issue #9, where I found little to no plot development.

In short I was happy to see Issue #10 returned to advancing the plot.

But issue #11 is the issue everyone has an opinion about, and mostly because of the art by Ian Bertram. As a rule of thumb, I generally don’t criticize art, at least not based on my first impression. Admittedly, the style in issue #11 caught me off guard, and this was a distracting at first. It was an abrupt style change to the series.

In terms of the plot and storytelling, issue #11 was fantastic. On about the third or fourth read my appreciation for Bertram’s artwork grew. It is a great compliment for what could very easily have been a crowded story. With few exceptions I read comic books on my tablet. But I am considering picking up a real copy of this because I found the blend of art and story so engaging.

I also found Issue #12 & #13  entertaining, proving to me that issue #9 was only a hiccup.