Review: Mega Man

I need to break away for a moment from all things Batman Eternal and DC Comics related. I also need to review a comic book that my boys (3 & 6) really enjoyed.

So I’m revisiting a comic book we picked up on our Free Comic Book Day adventure:


This issue was published for Free Comic Book Day in 2012, but one of the shops we visited had it available this year.

Which is good because my boys LOVED “Blue Man” as my 3 year old named him.

This honestly felt like a hard fought parenting victory to find an adventure story that my children found entertaining and that was not incredibly violent, oversimplifying adult romantic relationships, or just plain confusing (I’m looking at you Wonder Woman). The people at Archie Comics definitely deserve credit for stepping up to the plate and producing a quality story for all ages.

This series looks like it is straight up good guys vs bad guys: An Altruistic Genius vs. A Treacherous Mad Scientist.

Rock becomes the brave but reluctant character steps forward to assume the role of a champion to battle against a broad range of villains on behalf of Dr. Light and all of humanity.

The set up for the series is promising, and Volume 1 will shortly find it’s way into my children’s hands. An actual copy, not a digital one. And I’m looking forward to reading it with them.


It was a bit challenging to explain that Mega Man can absorb the powers of his adversaries. He switches abilities in the second page and it really confused my boys. It is explained later… on the second to last page.

I couldn’t find a retro version of any of the games for our table. Mega Man 3 would have been awesome. Instead we downloaded a two “Mega Man styled” games, but it would be better if there was an official one that tied in with the comic book. Maybe there is one, and if that is the case then I do not seem to be able to play it (or find it) on my Android tablet. Just feels like a missed opportunity.

Will I Read it Again?

Unlike Mouse Guard, I don’t see myself reading this again, unless I’m reading it to the boys. That may be premature, as there is a lot of the story that I have not read.



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