Batman Eternal #8 Crimes, Clues and Hunches

Updating my notes for Batman Eternal #8. This is not a review. These are notes to help keep track of what is going on and my wild speculation about how things may be resolved. It should go without saying (but I’m saying it just in case) there are spoilers in this post.

It should be just as evident that I am not a Batman scholar. I’m unable to identify all the character’s in the history of Gotham City (which is partially why I’m maintaining these notes).


All page numbers are based on the comixology number and not the number in print.

black text = text added for this issue.

gray text = text copied over from the last post.

stikeout gray text = text that is no longer applicable and will be deleted in the next post.

If text needs to be moved around from last time, there will be no indication that it moved. Same goes with minor changes.

Here’s what I know after Issue #8:

  • Crime: The murder of all of Batman’s allies & the arson of Gotham City
    • First text in the series is “Your allies have all been slaughtered”
    • Second text in series is “Your city is burning to the ground”
    • Clues/hunches/anything out of the ordinary:
      • Hunch: Guessing fire is an illusion and the fate of Batman’s allies is a lie
        • Joker’s Daughter refers to herself as “Princess of Dreamland” (page 12 issue 6)
      • Hunch: I will be seriously disappointed if Joker’s Daughter is behind everything. In fact I’m considering listing that as a crime itself.
      • Out of the Ordinary: Tall glowing tower in middle of Gotham
      • Page #18 of Issue #1
        • Whoever is speaking addresses Batman as Bruce. May or may not be significant, especially since he isn’t wearing his cowl.
      • Page #8 of Issue 4
        • Stephanie tells her mom that her father and her mom’s ex-husband Arthur (aka Cluemaster) is working for someone who wants to “burn down all of Gotham.”
        • Stephanie cuts herself short of saying that the police are a part of the plan. But she is clearly convinced that she cannot go to them.
      • Page #9 of Issue 4
        • Stephanie’s mom appears to be apart of the scheme. Telling Arthur “He has a problem”.
          • Hunch: The mom will mislead Arthur/Cluemaster to protect her daughter. 
  • Crime: The attempted poisoning of children with nanobots
    • Pages #7 Issue 5
      • There are children in the building that have the same symptoms, but weren’t exposed to what Batman believes was Professor PYG’s Dollotron forumula
      • Nanobots!
      • Page #12 Issue 5 – Nanobots are seen coming out of the walls of the building.
    • Page #20 Issue 5
      • Nanobots activated ahead of schedule
      • There is a tie to “Young Mister Wayne” who apparently trained by an old man who talks to what appears to be a cyborg like chimpanzee named Maxwell.
  • Crime: Catastrophic train crash
    • At this point I’m going with the assumption that this was planned
    • Police have arrested Jim Gordon. Specifically the new guy Jason Bard who looks very similar to Jim Gordon.
    • Clues/hunches/anything out of the ordinary:
      • Issue #1: New cop Jason Bard shows up in town on the evening of the train crash.
      • Issue #1: Jim Gordon was rescuing children from Professor PYG. One child mentioned he was “sprayed”. PYG was also firing syringes at the children and the Commissioner. Later Jim Gordon said PYG had “dosed” the children with “something”.
        • If they had already been sprayed/dosed why inject them with other stuff?
        • Pages #2-3 Issue 5See the Crime: attempted poisoning of children with nanobots
          • The Children Professor PYG sprayed and then tried to inject were all showing flu like symptoms before hand.
          • The children all reside in one building in the narrows.
      • Page 12 of Issue #1
        • In the first frame it looks like Grady (the associate of Professor Pyg Jim Gordon had been chasing) is holding a gun in his left hand. I had to zoom.
        • In the second frame it is clear that the character has a gun, but it is not pointed at Jim Gordon.
        • Third frame Grady says “I’m not holding…”
        • Last text is of the page is “THREE…” but it is unclear who says it
      • Page 13 of Issue #1
        • Jim Gordon makes an immediate observation of what the bullet passed through before hitting the box behind Grady.
      • Page 14 of Issue #1
        • Tracks aren’t switching AND brakes aren’t working (on either train).
      • Page 16 of Issue #1
        • Batman makes observation that Grady did not have a gun.
        • Jim disagrees, but mentions that the box behind the guy was “shut down”. (I paged through and I couldn’t see any signs that would indicate this.)
      • Page 5-6 of Issue #2
        • Jim Gordon says has been shown footage from the MTA which shows that Grady did not have a gun, but Jim swears he saw one.
        • Jim Gordon is sure he wasn’t sprayed by Professor PYG.
          • this strikes me as significant. Since it is repeated in the dialogue.
        • Hunch: Maybe this isn’t the real Jim Gordon in the jail cell.
      • Pages 8-9 of Issue #2
        • Out of the ordinary: A man in a green suit with hypnotic capabilities shows up at the scene of the crime and walks past officer Strode.
      • Page 17 of Issue #2
        • Grady was affiliated with the Roman 5 years ago
        • Hunch: Roman may be involved in the train crash, but probably not the arson of Gotham (at least not intentionally). Falcone wants to retake Gotham. Profit from it. Arson works against him.
      • Page 10 of Issue #3
        • Per Alfred the blood work on Jim Gordon indicates that there is not anything more “menacing in his system than nicotene”?
          • Does Jim Gordon still smoke?
      • Page 14 of Issue #4
        • Falcone claims not tor remember Derek Grady
      • Page 15 – 16 of Issue #4
        • Batgirl points out that one person (Gonzolo Dominguez) was at the train station for 3 hours. Never said a word to anybody and then left after the collision
      • Page 6 of Issue #8
        • Batman tells an underling of Falcone’s that he will pay for what he did “…to the people on that train car”.
        • Weren’t there two trains that collided? Not just one?
  • Crime: “Mystic Shennanigans” as Jim Carrigan puts it
    • Page #8 Issue 6
      • James Carrigan believes the violence from the gang war will feed the Magic
    • Pages #9 – 12 Issue 6
      • T0o bizarre to put into text in a way that is not even more bizzare. Here are a couple phrases
        • Joker’s Daughter
        • Prescient dreams
        • Summoning
        • Severed arms
        • Mazes beneath Arkham
        • Hand prints
    • Page #14 Issue 6
      • Jim Carrigan knows there is a summoning in or around Arkham.
  • Crime: Disappearing Hobos (as the penguin puts it).
    • Page #5 Issue 7Hunch: Probably connected in some way to the Summoning.
      • Catwoman says “innocent undergrounders” are disappearing.
    • Page #11 Issue 7
      • Penguin states his only dealing with the underground was a barter with Dr. Phosphorous to protect him and his people.
      • In exchange Dr Phosphorous is on of Penguins agents in the gang war.
  • Crime: Triple homicide (By payphone)
    • Page#10 Issue 8
      • Jason Bard comments “Whoever the killer was actually after.” The phrase ‘actually after’ seems suspicious, because it implies that the killers did not kill who they were after, and there is not indication from the previous dialogue that this wasn’t the case. Although we learn that this isn’t the case in the next few pages through magic comic book time travel.
  • Other things that are out of the ordinary
    • Lieutenant Jason Bard is new, has demonstrated the ability to sabotage Commissioner Forbes’ plan to arrest Batman, and probably broke a date with Vicki Vale. 
    • Batgirl is crazy mad
    • Harper is armed with tasers
    • Cullen (Haper’s brother) was infected
    • Vicki Vale won’t let personal safety get in the way of an interview
    • Warren Spacey used to be like Vicki Vale
    • Joey Day would rather be safe than get an interview that Vicki Vale wanted
    • Mario Ito is the new editor of the Gazette
    • After eight issues Commissioner Forbes is still a jerk.
    • Captain Maggie Sawyer is not.
    • Officer Nancy Strode is present and won’t remember her 14th birthday.
    • Mayor Hady is scared.
    • Bullock is Bullock.
    • The Roman has returned after a 5 year hiatus 
    • The Mayor Hady and Roman have ties
    • Doctor Phosphorus has an encounter with a freaky green spirit and is forced to scream “Blackfire”.
    • There is a new group of 4 costumed + their boss (who has “associates” pg. 11 Issue #3)
      • One goes by the name “Cluemaster”, but his real name is Arthur, and has a teenage daughter named Stephanie.
      • Hunch: Cluemaster’s name is derived from a responsibility to plant evidence
    • Page #10 Issue 4
      • Commissioner Forbes wants to be brought up to speed on Professor PYG. This is in contrast to the previous issue where he wiped clean a dry erase board that had several caped and masked super criminals on it.
        • Hunch: Falcone is going to go after PYG. CONFIRMED — in the sense that Falcone blew up PYG’s lab.
    • Page #18 Issue 7
      • Commissioner Forbes unties PYG after been tied up (presumably by Batman).
        • Hunch: Falcone wants PYG on the loose in Gotham.
    • The Gentleman Ghost won’t be coming back until the next new moon.
    • Doctor Phospherous appears to be walking in tunnels underneath Arkham Asylum
    • Jim Corrigan “The Spectre” claims to Bruce Wayne that he knows he is Batman.
    • Mr. Rhodes works for The Roman, but made deliveries for Professor PYG
    • Someone intercepted a device Falcone was having transported.
    • Page #7 Issue 7
      • Falcone asks if an explosion was his. Implying that earlier there was one that wasn’t his.
    • Page #9 issue 8
      • Batman notes comments that after leaving Gotham Falcone had an “Unrivaled Criminal Empire” in Hong Kong… But came back to Gotham.
    • Wild Hunch: Carmine Falcone is under the control of Poison Ivy. He has been overly obsessed with roses.

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.


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