Batman Eternal Crimes, Clues and Hunches


7 issues into a year long weekly series and Batman Eternal seems to be serving up a wonderfully elaborate mystery for the world’s greatest detective.

There is already a lot of detail to keep track of so I’m going to start* a list of crimes, clues and hunches in order to help me out along the way.

* =No promises I’ll finish, or even write a second post about this

I’ve read through issue #7, but I’ll be posting one of these for each issue using the following format.

Here’s what I know after Issue #1:

All page numbers are based on the comixology number and not the number in print.
  • Crime: The murder of all of Batman’s allies & the arson of Gotham City
    • First text in the series is “Your allies have all been slaughtered”
    • Second text in series is “Your city is burning to the ground”
    • Clues/hunches/anything out of the ordinary:
      • Hunch: Guessing fire is an illusion and the fate of Batman’s allies is a lie
      • Out of the Ordinary: Tall glowing tower in middle of Gotham
      • Page #18 of Issue #1
        • Whoever is speaking addresses Batman as Bruce. May or may not be significant, especially since he isn’t wearing his cowl.
  • Crime: Catastrophic train crash
    • At this point I’m going with the assumption that this was planned
    • Police have arrested Jim Gordon
    • Clues/hunches/anything out of the ordinary:
      • Out of the ordinary: New cop Jason Bard shows up in town
      • Out of the ordinary: Jim Gordon was rescuing children from Professor PYG. One child mentioned he was “sprayed”. PYG was also firing syringes at the children and the Commissioner. Later Jim Gordon said PYG had “dosed” the children with “something”.
        • If they had already been sprayed/dosed why inject them with other stuff?
      • Maj. Forbes is a jerk. Captain Sawyer is not.
      • Page 12 of Issue #1
        • In the first frame it looks like Grady (the associate of Professor Pyg Jim Gordon had been chasing) is holding a gun in his left hand. I had to zoom.
        • In the second frame it is clear that the character has a gun, but it is not pointed at Jim Gordon.
        • Third frame Grady says “I’m not holding…”
        • Last text is of the page is “THREE…” but it is unclear who says it
      • Page 13 of Issue #1
        • Jim Gordon makes an immediate observation of what the bullet passed through before hitting the box behind Grady.
      • Page 14 of Issue #1
        • Tracks aren’t switching AND brakes aren’t working (on either train).
      • Page 16 of Issue #1
        • Batman makes observation that Grady did not have a gun.
        • Jim disagrees, but mentions that the box behind the guy was “shut down”. (I paged through and I couldn’t see any signs that would indicate this.)

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.


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