The Search for a Comic Book Artist

About six months ago I began to read comic books for the first time in my life at age 34. After about three months I thought “why not blog about it?”. I mean who doesn’t want to read a detailed account of a grown man reading comic books?

Not long after starting Issue 47 I figured, “Hey I haven’t even been reading these things for a year. Why not try to write one myself? Oh and I bet it would make great material for the blog too!”

Emphasis here is on writing. So step one was to write a script which now covers 10 pages of sequential art.

Step two was to find an artist willing to take up the project. I figured for every 50 artists I contacted, I would have interest from 3 or 4 of them. These numbers aren’t an exaggeration. If anything excpecting to receive over 5% engagement from an email campaign with total strangers seems overly optimistic.

I’m not in any hurry and I wanted to make sure that I reviewed each artist’s work before contacting them. The emails might have seemed random, but they were not. I disqualified far more potential artists than I qualified.

I figured I would email one or two artists a week until something happened, or I completely lost interest. One of the two was bound to happen eventually.

But my research paid dividends since I only wound up only needing to contact two artists. There will be more posts to follow about this artist, as well as some of the work she has done so far. But needless to say, I’m excited about what is coming down the pipeline.

If anyone is curious I did most of my artist research on these two sites

  • Comic Art Commissions
    • I found this early on in my search. It was helpful in estimating how much I would potentially wind up spending. Many of the artists on the site are comic book pros.
  • DeviantART
    • I browsed this site a lot. The nice thing I found was that artists provided lots of samples, and frequently had links to the artist’s external web sites. Which in turn had ways to contact them.

This roughly what I emailed to the artists


I’m looking for an artist interested in working with me on a small comic book project. At the moment, the script is for 10 pages.
… [tailored message to artist] …
At this point this is an experiment to see if I can complete the project. I’m not dreaming of converting this to TV series or Blockbuster movie. My goal is realistic. Just 10 pages. Preferably enjoyable ones.
Please let me know if you are interested in hearing more.



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