Review: Batman Year One


What can I possibly say about one of the most celebrated Batman graphic novels, that hasn’t been said, written, sung or otherwise praised?

Not much. Turns out it is pretty awesome.

The little that I can add, as a blogger who reviews old comic books for new comic book readers, is

  1. It rendered well on my tablet using the Kindle App.
  2. As the name implies Year One  is a good starting point.

Finding a place to start for a long running series like Batman is challenging for a new reader. Even with all the resources on the Internet it can lead to disappointment. Sometimes we just need to start and accept that we won’t understand everything in the book.

I got lucky and read it before reading a few other Batman graphic novels. Honestly, my selection had to do with price. I recommend reading Year One before The Long Halloween and Dark Victory.

Year One is two separate yet converging stories encapsulated into one. One covers the emergence of Batman and the other follows Jim Gordon. Both stories are good, but I enjoyed Jim Gordon’s more than Batman’s. I also enjoyed how the timeline subtly builds suspense.

It was written in the 1980s so don’t be surprised with the lack of technology (like cell phones).

Sidetrack #1: I wonder if reading comic books from the 1980s will be the closest my children will come to understanding what life was like before cell phones.

When will I read it to my kids?

Not for a while. The opening image is of a young Bruce Wayne kneeling over his murdered parents. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t avoid talking to my children about death. I just don’t think my 3  and 6 year old boys will enjoy (operative word) a story of a hero with a traumatic and tortured past.

There is also a scene where a young prostitute approaches Bruce Wayne. Ya. Holding off on reading Year One to the children for a while.


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