Review: Wonder Woman Odyssey


The Background

This series is available in 2 volumes on Amazon Kindle. The cover to Volume 2 is pictured above.

From everything I gather the story was part of the ongoing Wonder Woman series and not a stand alone graphic novel. But to me it read more like a graphic novel because it is entirely self contained and concludes gracefully without leaving anything unresolved.

Readers do not need to be familiar with the long running series since Odyssey references practically none of it. This abrupt departure from the continuity caused plenty of turbulence for fans of the Amazon Princess. And it is hard not to sympathize with them since they have dedicated some serious time to the heroine. I can only imagine how frustrating it must have felt to realize one of their favorite characters was no longer being written for them. They were an after thought. Front and center in DC’s mind (or marketing strategy) was making the character’s story more approachable to a new audience. Essentially for readers like me. (Keep in mind this is all speculation)

In hind sight this was probably a testing ground for the Wonder Woman’s series in the new 52. A safe and temporary place where DC could learn what changes their writers could and could not get away with to please loyal fans while bringing in new ones. Whether or not this turbulence was intentional DC seems to have learned from it as Wonder Woman in the New 52 has received lots of praise from fans. (At least according to my Google searches it has).


The Review

As a newcomer, I wasn’t looking for strict adherence to the Wonder Woman character, her allies or her foes. I was looking for a comic book I would enjoy, and Odyssey delivered. The story line advances at a comfortable pace into a complex conflict. I read it twice and look forward to enjoying it again.


The Art

I read a handful of reviews or comments on Odyssey by people who are art critics and they were not pleased. Personally, I think the artwork has broad appeal and it definitely drew me into the story. I found only one thing with the artwork that was slightly distracting and it was so negligible that it isn’t worth mentioning.


When would I read it to my kids?

I’ll have to flip through it again, only one scene comes to mind that would need some explanation for my children (this post may give some insight).  I’m thinking 3rd or 4th grade. But to be honest the story line maybe too confusing for them. It will probably be middle school before they will enjoy it.


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