Past Expiration Date

It has been over two months since the last post. Anybody who is anybody on the Internet knows that blogs don’t come back from such a long hiatus.

It is basically blog neglect to have gone this long without posting proof of life. So basically this blog is past its its expiration date. Spoiled. Sour. Blah.

Clearly I don’t have time for comic books, or time to blog about them. But in these past few months I somehow found time to read more comic books than ever (admittedly not a high bar to clear). And surprise! I have spent more coin on comic books than I ever have and should probably slow down the spending a bit.

So this is a perfect time to fire up the blog and tell the world what I have been up to. And what better way than a list of what I’ve read.

Batman Graphic Novels
** Batman Year One
** The Killing Joke
** The Long Halloween
** Dark Victory

Wonder Woman
** Odyssey

** 1 – 27

Captain America
** Volume 1

** IDW Collection 1 – 3

I’ll be reviewing these and more! (When I find the time)


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