Christmas Shopping

Christmas is the time of year when then kid in all of us is invited to come out. Grown ups walk the toy aisles without judgment from other grown ups.

This Christmas season I learned no one cares how much time I spend time looking at comic books at Barnes And Nobles.

Why would anyone care if they see me flipping through comic books? After all I blog about them. People should expect to see me looking at them in stores. (If you’re new here my interest in comic books started about 5 seconds ago. And I’m blogging because more out of confusion than enthusiasm).

The reason for the awkwardness is most people in my community know me through work, which involves complicated analysis, automating spreadsheets, mining databases. So, basically people know me through math and how I explain math to them. This doesn’t suggest much of a personality, let alone a comic book fan.

Along the same lines, this is also largely the reason why I avoid telling people I enjoy reading poetry. Yes. Poetry. It is so inconsistent from how people know me it borders on TMI. But when I find myself in this situation in the Poetry section I can say, “I took a class in college” and the person seems to calm down.

Some may argue that keeping my interests secret from others is tragic. That it means my friends and colleagues don’t know the real me.

I disagree. My appreciation of various creative arts is only a small part of who I am, and these are not the mediums I use express myself the majority of the time. Plus, the mediums I enjoy and appreciate aren’t always the mediums I am comfortable using to express creativity.

My profession requires a level creativity that is under appreciated and cannot be reproduced or distributed. It is recognized by others mostly when it is absent.  My work solves problems. It provides for my family. And it requires a lot of creative energy.

Keep in mind the people who would be caught off guard by finding me in the comic book section, don’t really know (or misunderstand) what comic books are. And 5 seconds ago, that was me.

So I have discovered that Christmas is a time when I can avoid the drama of being caught the comic book section of Half Price Books and simply say, “I’m looking at buying one for my boys.”

So why do I blog about comic books? Simple. I’m not an expert. Which makes anything knew I learn easy to write about. You read correctly. I write because I can.


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