Back Story #3: Transformers

My boys love is Rescue Bots. It is part of the Transformers line. Instead of the Autobots Vs Decepticons format, it begins as a team of heros overcoming terrible circumstances. But unlike lots of shows that follow that format, Rescue Bots gradually introduces villains. The first episode includes an appearance by Optimus Prime, and Bumble Bee joins one adventure in the first season.

The boys watch almost all of their shows on Netflix, which also had Transformers Prime. I figured it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to go from watching one Transformers cartoon to another, so I previewed a few episodes to see if I thought they would like it. My conclusion: bad for them – awesome for me.

I wound up watching all three seasons. And as I mentioned in this post, I don’t have time for this stuff.

After watching the first two seasons I found myself incredibly nervous that the third and final season wouldn’t have a conclusion. Or worse, the series would be concluded in the made for TV movie Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising which wasn’t on Netflix. Yes, I understand I just admitted that a Transformers cartoon was a source of anxiety for me. Believe me, it caught me off guard too.

What can I say? I like my stories to have endings. They don’t have to be happy. Or even good. But it is important that a story has some conclusion. As far as I’m concerned, writers are free to take all sorts of artistic liberties at any point during their story. But experimenting with a stories conclusion (mostly by not having one) is heavily discouraged.

In any case, Transformers Prime has a conclusion. A well written one too. But after the series was over, I was interested in learning more about the story lines prior to the fall of Cybertron. This became my second gateway into the world of comic books and graphic novels.

So that is the complete back story. I started reading comics to find stories to read with my children and wound up finding some I enjoy on my own. Some where a marketing consultant has earned their wings.

What about you? Any other people willing to admit they began reading comic books and graphic novels as an adult?


4 thoughts on “Back Story #3: Transformers

  1. I started reading comics as a kid, but took a 14 year hiatus when I had to start reading too many books for school… now getting back into them as a 26-year-old and they are so freaking entertaining. Between books I read comics and they are like a fresh breath of air after reading anything dense.

    • “Between books I read comics and they are like a fresh breath of air after reading anything dense.” Sounds like a good strategy. Any rule of thumb for when you switch back to books? A couple of issues or a couple of weeks?

      • Usually it’s just a couple of issues. After I finish a novel I will read anywhere from 3-5 comics, so that gives me about 2-3 days between novels. If you enjoy reading as much as I do, it’s a nice way to keep it up daily but not jumping into a new book the second you put another down. I treat my books like I treat my girls, I might be done with you, but I will give it some time before I go off and open another one up… but never forgetting to have some fun with some animated randoms in between the seriousness.

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