Review of Comic Book eReaders

One of the many reasons I feel out of place discussing comic books is the inescapable perception that to enjoy comic books you need to be a collector. I’m only a reader. I’m not looking to preserve value, only looking to enjoy a story. Preferably from beginning to end.

So at this point I have exclusively read digital comics. I’ll save my rant on the various electronic formats for a different post.

Software improves at an amazing pace, so please read this knowing that my experience with these products will not be exactly like yours.

# 1) Amazon Kindle Android App
Not all graphic novels and comic books work on this app. The quality of the ones that work varies. Amazon, allows for returns, but its best to download a sample first. There is enough selection for my needs, but I wish there was more. I have come across a few series where the one issue in the series is missing, so it is a good idea to check the kindle store for all the issues before downloading issue 1.

# 2) Google Play books
The page flipping animation this the best reading experience. Seems to have a good selection with lots of free issues.

# 3)
Great for previewing titles not available on Kindle or Google Play, but ultimately I can’t read an entire book on the site. I am excited the site has titles from the publisher Archaia. At the moment I can’t figure out how to purchase any, but there is a link for “my library” which makes me think that I can. Also, to create an account it looks like you also need to be a publisher. Overall, the site is promising.

# 4) Dark Horse android app
The app offers a few previews or what I consider teaser issues in the “free”, but looking through the “Series” there are a few full issues offered for free. It is great for the Star Wars saga ***update: Looks like digital purchased will be available on Dark Horse App after 2014 when Marvel will be taking over the brand, but titles will no longer be sold after then.*** The app also offers a few titles from Dynamite. All eReading apps should zoom in and out as easily as this one does.

# 5) Dark Horse website
Selection seems to be similar to if not identical to the android app. On my tablet, the bottom part of the page is cut off. But, I have never seen anyone else use this type of tablet so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just mine.

# 6) eComix android app
At the moment this isn’t ready for prime time. No problems with free issues, but it wouldn’t list a purchased issue in my library.

#7) Android Desktop
None of the comic books I read on my on my tablet were compatible with Kindle’s desktop.

What do you think? Any eReaders you enjoy reading comics on?


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