Back Story #0

I promise you my curiosity in comic books started out innocently enough. My story of discovery is a bit complicated. But as I’m learning in the universe of comic books: complexity should be expected.

A little background. I’m a grown man with practically zero connection to comic books. I read one graphic novel when I was in middle school ( The Killing Joke ), which someone loaned me at summer camp. I have never set foot in a comic book store or been to a comic book convention.

I am married with two young boys. I work full time and am launching a business on the side.

I don’t have time for nonsense. Much less blog about it.

So why blog about this? Probably so I can chuckle about it months or years from now. But really, I don’t know why. And I don’t have a good reason. I guess, I’ll start inventing some after a few posts.


2 thoughts on “Back Story #0

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